The Wayuu are an old native tribe that lives in the northern peninsula of Colombia and Venezuela. They live in the aridest and desert-like conditions where the majority of essential resources are very scarce. Most of the men support their families through fishing, agriculture, goat herding, and sea salt harvesting, while the Wayuu women dedicate themselves to weaving. Most of these women are artisans, who by conserving their traditions and culture, have become entrepreneurs. These women teach the new generations the art of weaving, and through the development of fashion, the Wayuu have created beautiful and unique bags called “mochilas,” which are the soul and inspiration of Kalo Boutique. This tribe faces many challenges, including the lack of water. The Wayuu people have to walk an average of three hours to collect water from wells, and this water is usually not drinkable. Due to the cyclical droughts, corruption, and the false promises of an aqueduct, the Wayuu children are dying of dehydration and malnutrition.

At Kalo Boutique we are committed to helping the Wayuu community.  We work directly with a Wayuu family who creates and hand-stitches each of our bags. By working directly with them, we are able to offer you a fair trade product and ensure our partner family receives an adequate wage. Each of our bags allows the Wayuu women to support their families by staying in their village with their children instead of having to travel to the main cities to sell these bags on the streets. Also, we are partners with BeWe Community , and for every product, you purchase we will donate 10% to this non-profit organization that supports and provides aid to the Wayuu indigenous community. We believe in giving back, large or small and together we can help these families that have been forgotten by the Colombian government.