The Kalo Journey

It is my first time writing a blog, and I wanted to share the story of how Kalo boutique was created. As you already know, we are a team from Miami with a Colombian heart <3. Andres and I were both born in Colombia ( he is from Cali, and I am from Bogota) and for many odd reasons, we both ended in the United States. We have been together for eight years, and we both love new challenges and share a passion for entrepreneurship. I was a District Manager and Andres is a Web Developer. We both had regular 9 to 5 jobs here in Miami when we started Kalo, (mine was more like a 6 am- until who knows, I worked for a German multinational). Even though I love everything I was able to learn about myself and about the business as a DM, one day in December 2017 when it was almost 9 pm, and I was still working, the universe put in my mind the idea of starting a company that will share unique handmade products from our homeland to the world.

As young professionals, many of us have this idea of starting our own business, and we want to be our own boss, but in reality, we never get to visualize the concept neither to execute it. Inspired by one of my closest friend Maryana Ovalle Co-founder of @Greenboxed Matcha (go check them out, they sell the most delicious organic Matcha) who at 28 quit her corporate job, traveled throughout Europe and dedicated all her time, income, and talent to her own company. Thanks to her I was able to focus and execute my idea of creating Kalo Boutique. I will not go into details now on how we started this journey, but there is something I am going to share with you and is that IT IS NOT EASY. Andres and I were both working another job when we started this crazy idea; we came home after working long hours and work until we both could not do it anymore and repeat the same process the next day. We are the photographers, marketers, models, investors, managers, developers, you name it of this business, and we do it because we love our cause and the essence of the company and of course because we love our customers. On July 20th, 2018, I was able to face my fears, and I quit my job ( I will share that story in another post if you guys would like me to.) Since then I’ve been focusing on myself, my relationship with God and the universe, my family (Andres, my parents, my beautiful tabby cat Paca, and Rolo my perfect beagle,) and Kalo Boutique; this lovely company that I am sure will change the lives of many people in Colombia ( read or Bio to learn more about our mission<3)  

If you have been trying to start something new, to create your business, to become an influencer, to sell stuff on Amazon, or to quit your job; DO IT. Even though it won't be easy, because it won't; it will be the most gratifying feeling when you can be proud of your accomplishments and the service you provide, that will impact the world in one way or another.

Today, November 22th  of 2018, we are pleased that something that was once a dream is now a reality and we can't wait to share it with you and with the world.

Help us change the world, one bag at a time!