Changing Your Path

Sometimes we focus so much on the superficial aspect of life that we forget what really matters, our happiness! We grow up in a society where we are expected to sacrifice any aspect of our lives to achieve the “American Dream.” I came to the United States in 2010 with many dreams and fears. I started high school, did the dual enrollment program, got scholarships, went to Florida International University, and graduated with two degrees. Immigrating to a new country is not easy, especially if you start this journey with your family far away, but I never forgot that the universe always put angels in my way that help me achieve all that I desire. When I graduated, I started working for a German company where I was working more than ten hours a day, learning a lot, and making a living out of it, but I was not happy. I did everything I was supposed to do; I graduated, study abroad, got an executive job and was making close to six figures, but still felt that I was not fulfilling my purpose in life. Even though I was managing people and enjoyed what I did; I was working long hours. For the first two years, I barely saw my friends and family, and I was always dealing not only with my job responsibilities but with all the emotions and problems of all my employees. Our society expects us to become employees, to be homeowners before 28, to have kids before 30, to work day and night for corporate America, and still if you are not happy you must continue with the same routine. As millennials, we have the most pressure to fulfill the roles in society, but what most people do not understand, is that this society is changing.

Many of us are tired of hearing about expectations and how we do not like to work or that we are lazy, but many do not realize that we had to recover from one of the most significant recessions. After graduation many of us were unable to find jobs, still cannot afford to live on our own, we move to new cities to find better opportunities, and many times we sacrifice so much to fulfill a role and wait for a promotion or a raise that may or may not happen. Still, we the millenniums are innovating and creating new industries, ideas, and dreams.

 Some people still do not understand that we have many options available and that we do not have to sacrifice our happiness to fulfill our dreams. Many times we need a reminder that what really matters is to serve. When we provide a service, we must enjoy the process, and the better we serve, the higher the return. We must understand that we need to fall in love with the process since anything we do will take a lot of sacrifices, sweat, and tears. If you work for corporate, work for yourself, or you own a business; you must be able to understand it will take a lot of work, dedication, effort, and love to be successful at what you do. When I decided to quit my job and start Kalo Boutique and my real estate career, I did it because I wanted to work for something of my own, I wanted to take the risk to launch an idea and see it develop and become a reality, my reality. So far, this has been an incredible journey that has allowed me to overcome many fears and to remind me every day that I must believe in myself and the universe. I want to encourage you to fall in love with the process and to serve with your heart, only that way you will be able to work not expecting only monetary retribution but you will love what you do.